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List of products by manufacturer Fastrack

Fastrack was launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan. It was spun off as an independent Accessory brand targeting the urban youth in 2005. With a vision to become a complete fashion brand for the youth, Fastrack quickly extended its footprint to sunglasses in 2005 & then Bags, Belts & Wallets in 2009. 

Fastrack is a wrist watch brand under Titan Industries which is the fifth largest watch manufacturer in the world. Titan is a joint venture between Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Fastrack was launched in 1998 and its wrist watches were mainly youth oriented. After launching Fastrack sunglasses it became the largest sunglasses seller in India.

In the current consumer world, where the 'Customer is always right', brands strive for achieving a high customer satisfaction number. Everyday, a multitude of brands enter the fray trying to pave their way into the consumer world. But there are some brands which can be blindly trusted upon, as they've been in the industry for far too long now, having substantially forged their niche on a universal scale. Reaching the top is one thing, but staying there is even harder. Hence, such juggernaut brands have forged an immense fan base thanks to their consistency of quality standards and maximum customer satisfaction. For such brands, even the name is enough to guarantee a successful product sale making your job as a shopaholic much easier. And one such name is Fastrack.

Fastrack provided dynamic watches for youth like fastrack Sport watches, fastrack Army watches, fastrack Adventue watches, fastrack Bikers watches, fastrack Grunge watches, fastrack Aluminium watches, fastrack Colour play watches, fastrack Digital Fashion watches, fastrack Essentials watches, fastrack Party watches, fastrack Pairs watches, fastrack Neon watches, fastrack Neon-Disc watches, fastrack XY watches in Fastrack summer collection, Fastrack Urban collection & Fastrack Tribe collection, Fastrack afterparty collection, Fastrack party collection.

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Showing 1 - 99 of 143 items